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European Innovation Projects

Projects / European innovation projects and inter-clustering

Pôle Aqua-Valley participates as a partner in European projects in order to develop its partner network and to propose new services to its members.


Find out here the projects in which Aqua-Valley is participating:

INNO DROP (2016-2018)

Partners: BalticNet PlasmaTec (Germany), Nanoprogress (Czech Republic ), Zinnae (Spain) and Aqua-Valley (France)

Programme: COSME

The INNO DROP project aims to improve management practices in partner clusters and develop new member services through training, exchanges in knowledge and experience, and site visits. The consortium is formed around the theme of water to encourage synergies between partner clusters.

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BLUES (2020-2022)

Partners: BalticNet PlasmaTec (Germany), Nanoprogress (Czech Republic), Zinnae (Spain), Mazovia ICT Cluster (Poland) et Aqua-Valley (France)

Programme: COSME

Continuing on from the INNO-DROP project, the Blues project aims to develop transnational cooperation between European clusters and their members to encourage competitiveness and international expansion within the sectors of water and environmental industries. To further these goals, bilateral international exchanges are to be developed through the BluesXchange programme.


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Partners: BRGM (France), Aqua-Valley (France), Comunitat d’usuaris d’aigua del Llobregat (Spain), IGME (Spain), CWP (Spain), Aguas do Ribatejo (Portugal), PPA (Portugal), Instituto Superior de Agronomia (Spain)

Programme: Interreg Sudoe

Due to climate change, the territories located within the AQUIFER project are experiencing an increase in climate-related risks, in particular the intensification of rain and drought episodes. Such phenomena will have direct impacts on water resources, water use and associated ecosystems. Groundwater is an essential part of the water cycle and is now under considerable threat in the context of global change. Over exploitation and ever-increasing anthropogenic activity mean that aquifers are fast becoming a global resource subjected to both quantitative and qualitative challenges.

AQUIFER proposes concrete solutions to help move towards integrated groundwater management through:

  • Testing and dissemination of innovative groundwater management practices
  • Setting up a cross border network for real-time qualitative and quantitative (piezometric) groundwater monitoring, and developing common management tools
  • Providing practical information sheets and a decision-making tool for both users and managers.



Partners: Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion, Balearic Islands (Spain), Occitanie (France), Catalonia (Spain), CliqIB (Spain), CWP (Spain), Aqua-Valley (France), Ad’Occ (France)

Programme: LIFE

The project aims to increase awareness of water efficiency and reuse across the tourism industry within the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion.


Through being an associated member, Aqua-Valley also supports the following members’ projects:


INNOVEC’EAU (Interreg Sudoe – 2016)

Medical residues in waste-water from elderly care institutions: risks, innovative tools for analysis and sustainable treatment processes.

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TWIST (Interreg Sudoe –2018)

TWIST is a commitment to R&D in water management. TWIST allows the co-creation, experimentation, evaluation and commercialisation of innovative technologies and products related to waste-water treatment. Across 3 laboratories, the TWIST project treats, restores and reuses waste-water. In addition, it promotes the competitivity and efficient use of resources through innovative public procurement, creates a market place for all stakeholders in the water sector, and generates skills, training and capacity building activities.

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